phil knight

In fact, Nike has give more money to Republicans than Democrats in every election cycle since 2010 — except for 2016.
Phil Knight has already made hefty donations to advance health research and to address climate change.
I issue a challenge to the Mark Zuckerbergs, Donald Trumps and Phil Knights of the world: Will you step up to the plate and help children with cancer at least take a swing?
If you approach each day with the innocent idea that you're going to learn something from each person that you encounter, your life will pivot.
Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight told a crowd of several thousand at the Bryce Jordan Center in late January that Joe Paterno suffered for his actions. No, sir, it was for his inactions.
The mistake many marketers make is that they tell us what the company does and how they think they are better, but is not a single mention of why the company exists in the first place.
Woods orchestrated a decade of deception. Nixon wasn't this good.
Nike's founder topped the Forbes 400 Revolutionaries list. What Forbes failed to mention is that Knight grew his fortune on the backs of the abject poor.
From the AP: The co-founder and chairman of athletic footwear and apparel maker Nike Inc. sold 462,900 shares of common stock