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The duo behind "The Lego Movie" are headed to a galaxy far, far away.
But hey, CBS, you can totally tell it's shot in Los Angeles. The tipoff: It's way too sunny all the time, and over the course
This is the way with awards dinners, the ultimate tributes, a love fest with so many actors supporting their friends: Maggie
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"We were going to recast [Hill and Tatum] a million times," Miller said. "That was the idea. Then it turned out that the
"It definitely helps to let the audience know that you know what they know," Miller told HuffPost Entertainment. "That's
Walking out of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, I queried a fellow - dare I say it? - film writer, who unleashed a torrent
I'll admit that, during moments in The Lego Movie, my mouth was hanging open at the audacity and imagination of the images I was seeing.
Time to bow down to our new comedy overlord, "The LEGO Movie." The latest trailer for Phil Lord and Chris Miller's follow