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What the Duck Dynasty controversy illustrates most strongly is that we are more alike than different. Racism and homophobia and sexism all have things in common.
There are those who are now saying the LGBT community should change tactics while we are winning and not fight back vigorously against bigotry and punish bigots. Is this really a wise strategy? How well did we do when people felt free to be openly homophobic in polite company?
Robertson married his wife Kay when she was just 16 years old, The New York Daily News reported. In the state of Louisiana
While affirming churches are trying to get their message out, it is no longer being received by either the public or decision makers. Conservatives have made opposition to gays, in every form, the paragon of freedom of religion and speech.
On Friday, Bristol Palin, daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, also expressed solidarity
It looks like Phil Robertson's suspension from "Duck Dynasty" may be just for show. Entertainment Weekly learned that on Jan. 15, A&E will begin airing new episodes of the show that include scenes featuring the "Dynasty" patriarch.
It seems that Charlie Sheen is outraged about something once again. Following the "Duck Dynasty" controversy, Sheen posted a rant directed at Phil Robertson, which appeared to be written in the form of free verse poetry and included a photo of a pigeon that Sheen presumably mistook for a duck.
In the latest update on the matter, A&E has announced that Robertson will return to the show in January. "Your statements
The episodes slated to air after the New Year are part of the show's fourth season, which averages a colossal 14.6 million
A&E suspended (note: not fired) Phil Robertson for his controversial comments. Bravo. They have as much of a constitutionally protected right to do so as he had to make them in the first place, despite the inaccurate shrills of the religious right and the cable network that enables them.
Deleting things is always tough, congrats on all the extra DVR space! "WTF are you wearing?" -all his co-workers cc: HuffPost
Before the civil rights movement of the 1950s, Jim Crow laws enforced a system of subjugating African-Americans in the South
When "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's GQ profile hit the stands this week, readers learned that Robertson is extremely
Following the news of Robertson's suspension, a tweet from the account of former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential