Philadelphia Eagles

The World Cup soccer star said she could take a hit in the NFL and deal with the pressure after a video of her practice with the Philadelphia Eagles went viral.
The World Cup-winning soccer star made it look easy at the Philadelphia Eagles' practice.
After contracting a viral infection in his heart in 2016, Koroun Butler set out on his mission to attend every single 2018 regular season game.
The NFL team's players raised money that was matched by the Eagles Social Justice Fund over Thanksgiving.
Fox 29 analyst Garry Cobb, a former player, may have ruffled a few feathers with his suggestion for the struggling team.
Two Philadelphia Eagles players stood in the tunnel instead of being on the field.
The two-time WWE champ turned UFC fighter called out the president.
Instead of answering questions about Donald Trump from reporters, Philadelphia Eagle Malcolm Jenkins silently raised signs promoting NFL players’ community contributions and messages about racial injustice in America.
The NFL player's silent message could be heard loud and clear in the wake of the canceled White House visit with Trump.
"Late Show" host calls out the president's treatment of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Trump wrapped himself in the flag at an event that was originally supposed to celebrate the Super Bowl champions.
Trump rescinded his White House invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles after most players planned to boycott the visit.
At the White House briefing, reporters asked Sarah Sanders to square its support of free speech when a baker wants to refuse service to a gay couple with its demands that NFL players stand during the national anthem. Reporters also asked about President Donald Trump’s commitment to addressing police-involved shootings.
The president isn't mad about a song. He's angry that black players refuse to show the fealty he thinks he deserves.
The Super Bowl champions had been scheduled to visit the White House on Tuesday.
The network showed players kneeling in prayer, not protesting during the anthem, in a segment on the team's canceled White House visit.