Philadelphia Eagles

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback led his team over the Philadelphia Eagles.
The retired great blasted the Eagles' "tank" job after they brought in Nate Sudfeld in a loss to Washington that ousted New York from the playoffs.
The New York Giants quarterback just stumbled into the Hall of Shame against the Philadelphia Eagles.
NBC News’ Kristen Welker didn't miss a beat as high winds toppled light stands during her report on the coronavirus pandemic.
The Seattle quarterback had other concerns after his team eliminated Philadelphia in an NFL wild-card game.
The offensive lineman tried to play but "just wasn’t able to do it.”
The World Cup soccer star said she could take a hit in the NFL and deal with the pressure after a video of her practice with the Philadelphia Eagles went viral.
The World Cup-winning soccer star made it look easy at the Philadelphia Eagles' practice.
After contracting a viral infection in his heart in 2016, Koroun Butler set out on his mission to attend every single 2018 regular season game.
The NFL team's players raised money that was matched by the Eagles Social Justice Fund over Thanksgiving.