philadelphia school closures

A downward spiral for the city's schools worsened when the recession prompted cuts in state education funding. At the same
Philly and Chicago adults who are invested in public education in some way are stressed. Can you imagine, however, how the children feel?
Gibbon told HuffPost that the occasion, like a typical memorial service, was both somber and joyous. Students and parents
On Thursday, 15 politicians pledged to fast for 24 hours, an organizer of the fast, Kyle Schafer, told The Huffington Post
With camera in hand, Ohstrom hopes make sure that even if these closed schools face abandonment and dereliction, they will
Camped outside the office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R), they hope to influence state lawmakers, who have until
Over the last 20 years ago, non-educators have stumbled over our troubled inner city schools. These do-gooders made the snap judgment that the way to help kids was to destroy the system that they defined as the "status quo."
Randi Weingarten Arrested For Protesting Philadelphia School Closure Hearing
"The road to justice is long and the fight is not over tonight," Weingarten said. "Some schools were saved tonight, but at
The School District is broke. Saying the struggling Philadelphia School District is “out of time and out of options,” new