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RANK PLAYER TEAM RISING OR FALLING 1 CHARLOTTE CLINTON MEZVINSKY Told you we like babies the most! As Rand Paul is to doctor
Gawker's suit comes days after the Associated Press announced it would be suing the State Department to force the release
In Clinton, Inc., Halper, a conservative writer, unsurprisingly offers a harsh assessment of the former -- and future? -- first
When CNN recently canceled a Hillary Clinton documentary, Charles Ferguson, the film’s director, lashed out at the former secretary of state's aides.
Still, the story of the secretary of state years -- even with Benghazi taken into account -- could benefit a possible presidential
Reines has been known to defend and protect the former First Lady in his role as spokesperson and adviser to Clinton. But
Amid rumors swirling about the Clinton family's feelings toward Anthony Weiner's latest sexting troubles, members of both sides reportedly met in Washington on Monday.
Former Clinton White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers appeared to parallel those sentiments Sunday. In an interview with