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We feel pain when a celebrity dies, not because of their celebrity, but because we feel like we know them through their work. It's like a friend has died, or multiple friends. In the case of Robin Williams, some of our very best friends.
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We have to acknowledge the things that could derail us in life or stymie our goals, because the very fact that we're a part of this greater community means we are capable of doing something great.
As a veteran and as an American, I was appalled at this rash generalization that substance abuse is a known problem among veterans. Why does our current culture and news media insist on highlighting the worst about veterans?
4. Heroin use has increased by about 50 percent over the past decade: Heroin use is on the rise in the United States. Actor
The death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman from an apparent heroin overdose has triggered an interesting debate as to whether the individuals who sold Mr. Hoffman the drugs should be criminally liable for his death.
A heroin high now costs less than a decent bottle of wine, a movie ticket or a meal for two at a fast food joint. Functioning heroin addicts are all around us yet, realize, they are one tainted glassine bag away from a meltdown -- or death.
The acknowledgment of your own uncoolness is the only thing cool about it. If you can look at yourself and say "uncool" then you have learned something very important about the human condition, about the haves and have-nots -- and especially the unfairness of life.
See full-size image here. Infographic by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post. Opiates like Oxycotin, Vicodin and Percoset
One of the primary questions discussed by the panel was: Does the death of a celebrity give us an opportunity to grieve openly and talk about death as a community and in safe ways?
I have witnessed just how close-minded some people can be when it comes to addiction, and combined with the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, it only drives me to keep pushing to raise awareness.
Whatever motivates us to blame and dehumanize an addicted person, it is a cultural view that must be shifted.
Now, almost 29 years into my recovery, Mr. Hoffman's death reminds me that no matter how long one has been drug-free, recovering from addiction is a process not an event.
Celebrities who go in and out of rehab may be struggling privately, but the message the public receives in those cases -- enough details to know that a celebrity is back in a program, but not enough to know why -- is too often that rehab is a place to go whenever you feel the need to get away for a bit.
The 46-year-old actor's cause of death has yet to be determined but the New York Police Department is investigating and a law-enforcement official confirmed to WSJ that the Academy Award-winning actor died in his 35 Bethune St., West Village home.
It was reported in May 2013 that Hoffman underwent drug detox treatment for substances including heroin. Hoffman also battled
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