Phnom Penh

By Steven King, Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s historic capital, Eric Ortega can afford luxuries
A friend of mine told me that he had recently met a Vietnamese man driving a tuk tuk in the streets of Phnom Penh. I didn’t
In a small, unassuming bar in the center of Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, a new generation of young Khmer men are starting a revolution.
Cambodia's sixth Phnom Penh Designers' Week (PPDW6) came to a colorful climax in May with a full-on, male-only catwalk show, fashioned to challenge and cultivate perceptions of masculinity in the country.
On Saturday afternoon, more rainbow flags and glittery fabulousness than ever before "Tuk Tuk" to the streets of Phnom Penh in the most visible display of queerness during the week-long Pride celebrations in Cambodia.
3. Sihanoukville At a glance: Sihanoukville (nicknamed "Snooky") is a southwestern province known for its natural beauty
One of my favorite small shops for souvenirs is Yodi Craft on Street 13 near the National Museum. It's run by a non-profit
To what extent should Cambodia's past inform plans for travel in the present, which is to say: How ought one to balance the sanguinary with the sanguine? How does one witness, fairly, a horrific genocide in which an estimated 1.7 million people died?
It was 1978, in Talien, Cambodia, when the Khmer Rouge soldier came for my mother. An acquaintance had betrayed her, informing the Khmer Rouge leadership about her past as a teacher.
The sculpture of monkey god Hanuman was formally handed over Tuesday at a ceremony in Phnom Penh attended by government officials