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Happiness, confidence and balance are the best beauty boosters, but some simple makeup tweaks can certainly help along the way. Here's to many beautiful years ahead!
Wesley, 31, was with DeVitto, who also appeared on the hit CW series, for six years before the pair called it quits in July
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The way that Tyler tried to settle things was kind of violent. Do you think she really trusts him? I think she trusts him
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The episode will also feature the return of Callum (Michael Graziadei), the dastardly Devil's Spirit dealer who led Melissa
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We'll have more from our exclusive visit in weeks to come, but since the show returns Thursday (March 15, 9 p.m. EST on The
While some people may not be too crazy about the song, the video is a bonafide hit. It's already been viewed over 380,000