Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Supreme Court agreed that the city of Phoenix can't force the wedding card designers to create custom invitations for same-sex couples.
Immigrant advocates say the government is legally required to provide these services.
“It’s like putting some lemon juice on an open wound. It’s just hurting us even more,” Dravon Ames said.
A disturbing video shows cops aiming a gun at a black family after their 4-year-old daughter took a doll from the dollar store.
"I'm going to shoot you in your face," a Phoenix officer shouts at a couple in front of their two children.
Rescue goes awry in the Phoenix area as injured woman is put into the spin cycle.
Noel Thomas Becht allegedly made a sawing motion against his throat while speaking to a leader of the United Islamic Center of Arizona.
Authorities are investigating a possible rape case after it was discovered a patient at the Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix was pregnant.
A gender-reveal party is behind 2017's massive Sawmill Fire in Arizona.
Jon Christopher Clark has been arrested for multiple crimes allegedly uncovered during a search of his property.
If Brush & Nib Studio wants to sell to the public, the court said it can't discriminate based on sexual orientation.
At first glance, there's absolutely nowhere interesting to go in Phoenix. It's a grid of mini-malls and suburban sprawl, one
Phoenix aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2025 and be carbon-neutral by 2050.
Devastated by fire, Arizona's One-n-Ten is hosting a "Festival of Rainbows."
The chain apologizes after Phoenix motel staffers admitted they sent reports to immigration agents.
Motel employees were handing ICE agents their guest lists on a regular basis, the Phoenix New Times reports.
What happened? That is the question many in Phoenix and certainly those of us nationwide are grappling with in the wake of
The Phoenix New Times did not hold back after Trump pardoned the Arizona ex-sheriff.
What does Trump have to do for us to believe that his racist statements and his defense of bigots are accurate reflections of who he really is?
"The Daily Show" host won't let the president get away with this one.