The "Late Night" host watched Maria Bartiromo squirm as she tried to disengage from chatty Trump.
Every time your iPhone or iPad updates, it comes with a slew of security patches to prevent crashes or data theft. Yet, how often do you update your phone?
You won't know how your phone lived without it for so long.
"Your child is happy to see you! Are you happy to see your child??"
Gardner said on KOA radio in Denver  last week that Republicans have "hundreds of bills," which are "Small and big" and "very
March 1, 2012: Order Instituting Rulemaking to Evaluate Telecommunications Corporations Service Quality Performance and Consider
When the phone company can't get Cheryl Roy's phone line right, is she owed anything for the hours of wasted time? Question
A recent survey found that 72 percent of employees believe that live video would positively change the way they communicate
An ugly pattern has emerged: Phone, cable, broadband, ISP, and wireless companies, their industry associations, not to mention compromised consumer as well as astroturf groups have been on the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) over the last decade+.
Digital media companies are caught in the "crap trap," mass-producing trashy clickbait so they can claim huge audiences and
When Peter Erdos suspends his AT&T account, it keeps charging him anyway. Why won't it fix the billing error? Question: I
As your kid stares up at you, all they see is an adult staring at a little five and a half inch screen. They see you staring
Yes, it is tax season yet again and you probably paid more taxes than Verizon NY. (NOTE: Verizon's other incumbent phone companies are using the same 'questionable' financial book keeping, but their accounting is not public.)
How many actual copper lines, much less fiber optic access lines are in service in America today? AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink claim that they are 'losing copper lines' and use this to drive public policy decisions to 'shut off the copper', raise rates or not maintain the copper networks.
Success often depends on our ability to present a socially acceptable image. Ideally, our social image aligns with our authentic self or essence.