phone hacking scandal

Further encouraging services of public interest and duty, the group are pressing to ensure the BBC acts in favour of the public, not profit and to consider secure and transparent long-term sources of funding. Of equal importance to the coalition and of great public interest is for the government to implement Lord Justice Leveson's proposals in full.
Rupert Murdoch keeps his promises. On Wednesday, after months of careful machinations behind the scenes to find the right
Rupert Murdoch's protege is set to return to his empire after being acquitted of charges in a phone-hacking and bribery scandal.
The scandal caused ripples throughout Britain and prompted Rupert Murdoch to shutter the paper in 2011. At the sentencing
But, we think it's safe to say the shocking comments were tongue-in-cheek. The actress went on to say she couldn't understand
This is great for so many reasons. First, because the phone hacking story is an awesome one full of dramatic twists and turns
Rupert Murdoch is plotting his empire's expansion -- growth that could include purchases of Tribune Company newspapers and, reportedly, Time Inc. But will 2014 be the year that the media mogul, who's skilled at reinventing himself and burying old mistakes, is finally held to account?
Eight people are currently standing trial for a raft of offences connected to phone hacking, including former News of the
LONDON, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Three former senior journalists from Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid the News of the World have
News UK, the British arm of Murdoch's News Corp publishing division, declined to comment. Dudman is accused of requesting
Oh hi, Rupert! Murdoch and his sons were not the only media bigwigs in attendance. Barry Diller was there with glamorous
"I mean, it's a disgrace," he says. "Here we are, two years later, and the cops are totally incompetent ... why are the police
LONDON - Hacked Off, a not-for-profit group that has pushed for press-regulation reform using Hugh Grant as one of its public
A police officer arrested on Tuesday has become the 100th person arrested in relation to the investigations into News Corp
TEARS IN COURT She said she had no need for money as she and her husband were financially secure with a good income. The
Morgan was confronted with former statements he made about phone hacking and multiple passages from his book, "The Insider
Murdoch, whose media empire suffered deeply from the phone hacking scandal that led to the closing of the News of the World
Lewis was not immediately available for further comment. "There might not be a documentary smoking gun, but we will show
While Rebekah Brooks, together with her fellow ex-News of the World editor Andrew Colson are looking at potential prison time, yet another member of the ex-News of the World editor's club is doing just fine.