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New Zealand (still usable) There was no need to standardise until relatively recently. Since the introduction of the first
Here's proof that smartphones are making us dumb. Elite Daily asked couples to recite their partner's phone numbers, and
We have a relationship with our phone numbers. We are engaged in an unrealistic romance with them where we boast of our fidelity to them and then abuse them with complete disrespect. Heck, we are so attached to them that we even use them to define ourselves.
Obviously studios don't want to use a real number and leave some innocent citizen with their phone ringing off the hook, so
I've gotten used to letting Facebook, Twitter and online calendars remind me of what I need to know. My reliance on that stream is starting to eat away at things that have been in my memory for decades.
Businesses can pay Manhattan Virtuals to lease a coveted 212 area code, even if they move their offices to Topeka. Read more
When a movie phone number is done right, it fits perfectly into the plot and can inspire the viewing audience.