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“If ‘OBAMA: An Intimate Portrait’ is a coffee table book, then SHADE is an every table book," Souza said.
In the early part of 2015, Schiot came across a photo of Koger sporting an Afro and added it to her social media collection
Too many of us concentrate on scars, loses, pain and everything heavy, that comes bearing shadows... I've decided to make
The idea of Dusty PlayGround is to display the "quieter side" of Burning Man. Often perceived as many things that seem to oppose what society deems as "kid friendly," the parents of The Playa believe that there is no better place to activate and nurture the imagination.
Starting in 2011, this notion drove me to again photograph people reading. This has resulted in an enormous archive of images
Eventually, we gently poured our captures into the tide as it began to swell toward land again, and both the pools and their
My daughter had a problem. Her memories of 2013 were clogging up her phone, making it impossible to take new photos and videos without randomly deleting old ones.
Since 2001, a group of amputees, almost all victims of the civil war, have met regularly on the beaches of Freetown, the
The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. When travel, in-laws and gift-buying are added to your