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Sofía Muñoz Boullosa humanized the immigrant experience with the help of seven men named 'Pedro.'
"I'm hoping that the work I create helps combat Islamophobia by humanizing the subjects I photograph."
The spontaneity of the streets pulls me in. Not knowing what you will face there is fun and exciting--taking pictures of
"Africa is more than the land of poverty, crime, disease and wildlife."
It highlights women who are Afro-Brazilian and proud.
From self-driving cars and self-service checkout machines to the rise of the shared economy, we find ourselves wondering how rapid advancements in technology will impact how we work -- and who works. There is a vast supply of data out there warning of jobs that may soon be rendered irrelevant. That data came to life when we photographed and spoke with the individuals behind the statistics.
Air travel and hamburgers rack up carbon emissions fast.
We've all heard the phrase "suffer for fashion," but in some instances, that suffering can go a little too far.  HuffPost
Burkes, Brown, and the other men who participated in the project have introduced a more positive portrayal of black men to
Bushelle and his wife, Janine Harper, have been styling and photographing their 5-year-old as some of history’s most impressive