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The app is more popular than ever.
I often say that I'm glad I got married before I knew anything about weddings and that I hope I stop working with weddings long before my kids get married.
What does peace look like to you? That's the question we posed to millions of creatives on EyeEm, a community for photo sharing
If you are ever visiting San Francisco and have an extra day for adventure, I highly recommend jumping into the car and heading to Silicon Valley. The drive is beautiful and it is a worthwhile experience to see some of the big businesses and small treasures of the tech world.
You've heard it said that "A picture is worth 1000 words." Wikipedia says that this idea "refers to the notion that a complex
"This is just the beginning," the post read. "Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing some exciting new parts of Vine
The privacy revolution is real. True privacy is an inherent right of law-abiding citizens everywhere.
There are many reasons people use Snapchat and that, despite worries about sexting, most kids are using the app in ways that parents would probably approve of. But, it's also important for kids and adults to realize that there's no such thing content that absolutely disappears forever.
When I shared that I was having a home birth, critics flocked far and wide to question the decision, sharing their own birth stories of C-sections and disasters and emergencies. And I get it. I truly do.
Furthermore, a "hack" is making the rounds that allows users to take a screenshot without the other person finding out. It's
Did you ever see that pic of me at a wedding in Tulsa wearing a sparkly cowboy hat and a business suit? It was awesome -- and exactly two other people agreed when they cared enough to hit the Like button on it. That sounds like an advertisement just itching to go viral!
Speaking at the LeWeb technology conference in Paris, Systrom said on Wednesday that Instagram images will soon "no longer
Instagram launched in October 2010, and according to Mashable, successfully reached 100 million users by September 2012. Facebook
Yes, I want a picture or two of my daughters riding their bikes at dusk or playing in the foam of Lake Michigan, but I don't need hundreds of each. For me, to be behind the lens is to fix an additional screen between the person and the experience.
That's right. Now you can actually buy pretty bedspreads and decorative dishes, instead of simply looking at them. (Yikes
Flip through the gallery (below) to see streaming images from around the world, courtesy of This is Now. And apparently many
Web startups are made out of two things: people and code. The people make the code, and the code makes the people rich. Code
Here's a list of companies now worth less, according to YChart's market cap rankings, than Instagram: Drew Guarini contributed
According to a recent Pew study, 80 percent of online teens are using Facebook, MySpace and other sites. About 93 percent