photo shoot

Richard and Caroline Bain, who both turn 90 this year, stepped in to play Carl and Ellie.
"She is my new queen,” wrote one person on Twitter about a New Yorker who took the selfie game to a new level over the weekend.
“Some of you are sad," one of the moms wrote on Facebook. "This is me and my girls. We will be juuuuuuust fine."
The actor is the face of luxury brand Moncler's "Genius Is Born Crazy" ads.
The Democratic hopeful was left out of the magazine’s photo shoot featuring the female 2020 presidential candidates.
And the pictures, captured by their youngest daughter, do not disappoint.
Heather Lundberg Green staged the powerful shoot in hopes of supporting Adrian in his journey.
Child modeling isn’t only about having a cute kid with a pleasant attitude.
The singer goes nearly makeup-free and opens up about her emergency C-section.
The mini princesses had another photo shoot -- but this time, they're toddlers!
"I hope that viewers can watch our shoot, see us embrace our vulnerability, and embrace theirs," said actress Katie Stevens.
"I’ve learned that the hair on someone’s head doesn’t define who they are as a person."