4. Never run 5. Have fun but be safe 3. Never break anything in order to enter By College Tourist - Author Veronica White
There are so many! But I'll begin with three: 2) The dialogue between photographs made for practical purposes and those intended
from "11 Metres" - David Gregory The Digital Malcontent from "11 Metres" - David Gregory As the backlash, and resistance
Camilo José Vergara has spent nearly 40 years obsessively documenting poor, segregated neighborhoods, from the Bronx to Gary, Indiana.
Afara is a talented designer who specializes in wedding planning and creating imaginative sets, private party set ups, and innovative décor for several corporate events.
"No two people’s freckles are the same, and that’s what draws me in."
Danielle Da Silva: Maggie applied to our program in 2014 and was selected against many other shortlisted candidates for this
These same photographers complain that people don't value their work -- that they aren't willing to pay their rate when they do decide to charge. Yet they continue to do shoots for free to gain "exposure", only to attract more people who are only interested in free work. Where does it end?
Photography has the ability to change the world -- and our perception of it.  At times it can feel like the only thing being