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Inspired by his mother's story, Branislav Jankic wants to disrupt the stigma surrounding addiction.
Is alien life a conspiracy theory or a modern-day religion?
Compare America during the era of campus unrest, Vietnam and Nixon to the America of today.
D'awww-inducing kittens are everywhere you look. Even at your local bookstore.
Some people can't just let things drop. They just can't let them go. In some cases passion and commitment to a higher cause keeps them hanging on. Such is the case with National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig.
One hundred years from now, when archivists look back on our lifetime, they will be faced with a digital treasure trove filled
See the rest of the gorgeous sunset photos below: In honor of sunsets (and sunrises), National Geographic released "Dawn
Iranian Living Room (€34, Fabrica) is the first of a series of editorial projects published by Fabrica, a communication research