The presidential hopeful is harder on Big Pharma than he is on Wall Street.
The pharmaceutical industry push for reckless pill popping has had tragic consequences for millions of American families. Many of the patients prescribed OxyContin and similar pills have ended up dependent on and ultimately addicted to the drugs
4. Nike: First, Obama traveled to Nike's headquarters in Oregon to pitch his trade platform, saying it would help the sportswear
Obama's support for a PhRMA-friendly patent bill wasn't surprising. During Obamacare negotiations, the White House cut a
Will Congress act to save taxpayers billions of dollars -- and protect the solvency of the Medicare programs -- by taking on the AMA, the drugmakers and the insurers? Don't hold your breath.
It is unclear exactly why American negotiators oppose the new program. In an email exchange with HuffPost, Daulaire insisted
In return, however, they exacted a high price: a promise by the White House to oppose any congressional efforts to use the
Republicans have a message for the businesses that worked closely with the Obama administration over the past two years on
None of us can win the battle against a heavily out-gunned corporate world alone. Online activists must change the terms of political debates. Until we do, we're simply putting new tools in the service of the old order. And we will continue to lose.
This morning the White House released a new health care proposal that may be used as a blueprint for a compromise between
On the bright side, the Democrats still have a sizable majority in the Senate, with or without Bayh. Republicans would have
Within a few months of being sworn in, the President and his aides were sitting down with leaders from the pharma industry to hash out a deal that they thought would make health care reform possible.
Even health insurers, though, continued to expect some sort of change. "The issues we are dealing with are not going away
"I wouldn't call it a bargaining chip. I think that for a lot of the people and most particularly for Senator Dorgan, this
Nelson said that he could be willing to settle for less than a full floor vote if leadership included a version of his measure
Four years ago, a group of lawmakers and aides crafted Medicare Part D, the prescription drug program for seniors that has
### "Most curious, however, is the notion that pharmaceutical sales will increase dramatically during the forecast period