phyllis schlafly

You're making a statement that you can walk away from any time it becomes too difficult.
Conway's post-feminist message masks very real sexism.
Why do many evangelical Christians still back Donald Trump? Because they are consistent.
She said it again, louder and angrier, but all I could hear was some weird, German-sounding word that I couldn't quite make
Phyllis Schlafly, whom Donald Trump eulogized yesterday after her death at the age of 92, will go down as one of the most
Schlafly was a "founding mother" of the modern conservative movement and anti-feminist.
Schlafly was instrumental in the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment.
The point is that we don't know if Donald's our friend. He might not know himself, because he's held so many different position on so many issues.
The women's movement and now the LGBT movement have run up against restroom fears.