phyllis tickle

Phyllis Tickle would have been 82 on March 12. Instead, we are almost six months out from the day she died at home in Tennessee
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
2015 was a year of loss for the Christian contemplative community. Two authors renowned as living contemplatives died this year, along with two others who if not known as contemplatives certainly expressed friendship and support for the contemplative path in their work.
Most Christians claim that Jesus cannot be both sinner and savior. Yet when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, Luke tells us plainly that this baptism was for "repentance for the forgiveness of sins." Why would someone without sin undergo a baptism of repentance?
Phyllis Tickle died in her sleep this week, after four months of living with cancer. Phyllis is known to the publishing world as a powerhouse.
Phyllis Tickle was there on the worst day of my life. More accurately, the morning after the worst night of my life. There she sat, along with Doug Pagitt, on the patio outside of her room at the Town & Country Resort in San Diego.
The author died peacefully in her sleep, according to her family.
It’s an inner voice, she says, that has always told her what to do, what was coming next in a life filled with so much variety
We have souls. I believe we have to define this part of ourselves that connects us. Then my wife and I traveled to Scotland
The Bible is funny -- the stories of Sarah and Jonah and Zaccheus and Zachariah crack me up every time I read them; so do some of the conversations between Moses and the Israelites... We miss some of the wit and rhyme in translations, but much is still there in English."