Physical attractiveness

We've learned a lot about love, sex and dating in the past 10 years.
I learned what was and wasn’t appealing about a woman’s appearance through my dad’s lens.
The singer-choreographer says he has no qualms about expressing his authentic self through music and dance.
That's cool. But this conclusion leads us to what is, arguably, the more important question: That is, why are scientists
The notion that cosmetic surgery is a "simple beauty treatment" is a contradiction in terms, a paradox of sorts. Surgery is almost never simple, physically or psychologically, and the more we believe it's a solution to our beauty needs, the less beautiful we tend to feel.
Our cultural preoccupation with physical appearance isn't simply a narcissistic tendency, but may, in part, reflect our striving for social standing in society.
Doesn't it take longer than four years to realize you are married to someone whose face has now been consumed by their neck and whose nose is either much larger than was originally presented or has now started to sprout acres of nose hair?
The feeling of beauty has nothing to do with perfection. It is about self-respect. It is about caring for oneself. I try to be a little less careless now.
The economists reason that since company recruiters are "overwhelmingly" women (93 percent of the recruiters in the study