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By Lillian Mongeau, The Hechinger Report APPLETON, Wisc. — Middle school students at Kaleidoscope Academy, a district charter
Miller is in Rio as a gymnastics analyst and as the brand ambassador for Team USA partner Hershey's. When she returns home
2. Mentorship is posed as a career development opportunity as opposed to an educational opportunity Students who were mentored
As they zeroed in on the challenge, they discovered a few obstacles, such as having enough qualified teachers. Facilities are an issue, too; a school gym can only handle so many people. And since the mandate includes no new funds, districts can't simply hire more PE teachers and build more gyms.
Biological factors, inadequate access to healthy foods, a decline in physical activity in schools and the unregulated marketing of fattening foods are among the drivers of a worsening epidemic that requires a coordinated global response, the report said.
"Athletes can help to build awareness. Not just representing a retail manufacturer or fast food organization that pays them a lot of money to help them sell their products."
These days, gym classes are becoming a rarity in schools (along with art class, electives and extracurriculars). While the
I would never have attempted this race if I had still been caught up in the language of my childhood, the narrow labels by which children learn to define themselves and by which those children, once grown, often continue to define themselves -- the slow reader, the inept athlete.
I've been told by people involved in physical education that gym class has changed since when I was a kid in the 1980s. Now it's about individual achievement and exercise programs. It wasn't like that when I was a kid.
The U.S. is considered a sports-mad country but what we're really crazy about is sitting on our couches watching elite athletes play sports on our HDTVs. It's time to get out and play the games ourselves. Tennis. Basketball. Volleyball. Soccer. Whatever the sport, it's time to participate instead of watching from the sidelines.
A top-notch physical education program is about meeting the needs of all students, not just the athletically inclined. It's about getting kids active today and excited about the lifetime benefits of health and wellness. It means emphasizing fitness and physical well-being, not team sports.
After the royal advisory board suggested that public schools begin offering physical education to young girls, dozens of men have been forced to publicly demonstrate their disapproval.
Here are some simple things we all can do: I was present at the Health Committee hearing and heard the testimony of Mr. Bob
In San Francisco, the communities with the highest hospitalization rates for type-2 diabetes are the same communities with the highest rates of soda consumption. Type-2 diabetes is far more costly and far more regressive than any soda tax ever could be.
Balance Lost And Found Do Your Really Know Your Right From Your Left? Tamar Amitay, the clinical director at Thrive, says
On several occasions, people have asked me, "Why are you so angry about what's going on in sports?" My response is always, "Why aren't you angry?"
As an educator, nothing thrills me more than to see students expressing their knowledge in creative ways, performing or displaying their artistic craft or competing in an athletic contest for which they have spent hours in preparation.
It may not have been PE that got Ross where he is today, but Ross is currently an entertainment industry expert, working