“I’m a practitioner on the firing line, and I don’t have the tools to properly care for patients today," warned Manhattan physician Matt McCarthy.
Today you turn 14 weeks old, and mommy is going back to work.
Big data has been a primary focus of change in the U.S. healthcare system. Small data, however, will drive even more change for individual patients and disrupt both the Internet of Things and physician's day to day clinical practice.
Diagnoses To diagnose a labral tear, physicians will utilize a combination of physical examinations, imaging and diagnostic
When policy-makers say that someone has fallen through the cracks, we attempt to explain a situation as something that we cannot control. As an elected representative, it is my responsibility to identify those cracks, and propose responsible solutions to repair those cracks and ensure that they do not splinter again.
For me, medicine is a double-edged word; while it hurls such obscure images of cold-bloodedness towards my face, it also motivates me to grow, to observe, and to learn so that I may be able to positively contribute--even if to an infinitesimal extent--toward overcoming this wrongdoing someway, somehow, someday.
As I lay strapped to the cold, hard table, the doctor prepped me for my third nerve block. With the drapes positioned over
The challenges of being poor are greater than we generally appreciate. Poverty requires both social and personal commitment to live longer and prosper.
Dr. Barlow works for a large physician group that assumes financial risk for patients in MACRA-approved APMs, such as the