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As Freedman says, "We can eat healthy plant-based food on a very limited budget." Being vegan makes things a little easier
Full disclosure: I met Sandy Pukel several years ago when I did a story about him for the Miami Herald. I have helped consult
Further, state public records requests uncovered a number of controversial agreements between the hospitals and fast food
While KFC and Komen earn millions selling pink buckets of fried chicken and Boar's Head pink-wraps its meats, women could do more to combat breast cancer by convincing their friends and family members to say no to pink-beribboned animal products and yes to the produce aisle.
It's going to take more than a conference, more than a festival, more than a day to implement a real, healthy food system
"Doctors were pumping me through with prescription meds, but the medications weren't doing it." Going vegan -- not her first
A medical school located just outside the nation's capital, in Bethesda, Md., announced this week that it would no longer
On a $33 food budget, "there's nothing extra for indulgences." Standing in the checkout line, "holding my breath, wondering, am I going to have enough money for this, or do the walk of shame and put something back on the shelf -- that was an entirely new experience."
I've known for a long time that chicken can be toxic, but an April article in the New York Times showed that almost half of the chicken in grocery stores is contaminated by E coli, which researchers say is an indicator of fecal contamination.