pi day

Sorry, it has nothing to do with margaritas.
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Yes, Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.
It has been widely accepted that for most numerical calculations involving pi, a dozen digits provides sufficient precision
By Laura Woods, Contributor  National Pi Day falls on March 14 and math whizzes across the globe will join together to honor
Happy Pi Day, where we celebrate the world's most famous number. The exact value of π=3.14159... has fascinated people since
Pi is an international number. This number can be a symbol of peace between nations. The following image is a public domain artwork that I have created in honor of Pi day.
Happy International Pi Day to all the math-lovers out there celebrating! And Happy Pie Day to the rest of us who are just using it as an excuse to eat all kinds of pie.
It's pi day. You know, 3.14 or π, an enigma in mathematical circles. A mathematical constant that has no end, seemingly thumbing its nose to definition.