“I just enjoyed its taste and I was addicted,” the knife-swallower said.
Also, one time a cab driver told the actress that pregnant women in his community (we do not know where, he is referred to
A bipartisan group of 35 California legislators also sent a letter to Congress recently urging the removal of King’s amendment
I tried to call a cab on Monday morning. But confused and fatigued, I couldn't figure out how the buttons on my phone worked. Against my better judgment, I drove myself to Planned Parenthood. They buzzed me in, pale, diapered up, and holding myself up with the counter, I begged the receptionist, "Please 'elp me. I jus wan sta bleeding."
C'mon Language is a project that was designed to include the public in my private process of play and discovery. I have created an exhibition that is a public meeting place, inviting guests and audiences to explore these inquiries with me.
At that point, the woman began to see a cardiologist, and three months later, an echocardiogram showed she still had mild
In the United States in particular, hospitalizations for pica have almost doubled over the last decade, increasing by by
The two locales are connected by more than simply history, as evidenced by the new exhibition, "Hijacked III," showing simultaneously
The Sun reported that Trebilcock, 21, suffers from pica, a rare disorder that causes sufferers to crave non-food items. In
While the condition is rare, Hayhurst is part of a growing trend of children being hospitalized for pica. Earlier this year
More and more people are being hospitalized with eating disorders -- and one disorder that has been particularly on the rise