Indeed, the bible story of Enki, the Aquarian god, out to prove that men don't need a womb to create life as he fashions
Sangjun Chon, Jeux Des Image 4, 2015, Pigment prints, 26" x 36" Edmund Ian Grant, Tossin' Dem Bones, 2013, Acrylic on canvas
"Klaus Mann was six times jinxed. A son of Thomas Mann. A homeless exile. A drug addict. A writer unable to publish in his
A photo recently shared by Madonna on Instagram to support Gay Pride celebrations in New York is based on an historic and
It's International Museum Day and I'm thinking how lucky I was growing up in Manhattan. My parents took me to art museums there on a regular basis from when I was very young.
Marseille (in the South of France, aka French Riviera, aka Cote d'Azur) is a city of surprises, an ocean-side formerly fortified enclave where strong accent and slang-ish dialect rule the quays of the old port.
Reading magazines this week, I learned that: The words that Sally Field says she overuses the most? "Ishmagiggle, Doolywacker
One of these products is Dance Watch, an app created by software engineer Catherine Elder. The app,easily installed on any
There is so much bad news about education these days that I decided to post a positive story about a class of students, most all minority, whom I observed at the Picasso sculpture exhibit at MOMA several weeks ago
The superbly curated works spread over several rooms and loaned from all over the world, an astounding 140 pieces, reflects the evolution of Picasso's work and each room is indicative of a particular phase in his life.
Yesterday I stood in front of Rebecca Campbell's 13 foot wide canvas Miss April 1971 and found myself thinking "That is one ballsy painting."
This ambitious overview is a warm, paint-stained handshake and a grateful, standing salute to past award-winning innovative performances in a supportive role by pioneer picture makers. At the same time, it is a inquisitive and delightful investigation.
Churchill's passing and that widely-televised funeral launched the market for all things Churchill. In other words, the loss of Winston Churchill put me in business.
Here's everything you need to know about the very real Picasso print that Cards Against Humanity will either shred or donate to an art museum.