Jacob Hadjigeorgis, pickle connoisseur and owner of Jacob's Pickles, a pickle-focused comfort food restaurant in Manhattan
A familiar nursery rhyme to die for. The year is 1346. An estimated 75 to 200 million Europeans are being wiped out by bubonic
It's the sugar in drinks that's (partially) to blame for a nasty hangover, so pull a fast one on tomorrow's headache by opting for pickle juice instead.
When canning, you will use ordinary kitchen skills but must observe instructions exactly to ensure that the food is sterilized and safe. This is one time when you definitely shouldn't improvise.
It's hard to imagine life without pickles -- those crunchy delights straight out of the jar, the tangy, sweet surprises tucked into a burger, or the sliced spears served fresh on the side of your plate. When we hear the word "pickle" we tend to think of the classic cucumber variety (which goes by "gherkin" if you're passing through the UK or Ireland), but there are plenty of other pickled foods, like vegetables, fruits and even fish and meats for the adventurous eater to explore.
Stop tossing those valuable rinds in the garbage.
When I look for art for myself, or a client, it is important to find something that grabs and keeps my attention. For me
More and more I'm seeing that vegetables are becoming the center of the plate. I call veggies the hero dish. And one of the heroes that we can look forward to as a standout rock star this coming year is Bok choy.
Bessie's first qualification for placement on my favorites list, therefore, was that unlike other adults she wasn't scary. Next, it was because she made the kind of sour things that I love, Kosher-style dill pickles that are hard to find unless they're homemade.