piet mondrian

People will organize, people will resist and people will also maybe troll a little.
Of course, The Ashley Bouder Project was the most popular show of the run, and people begged for seats regardless of price. Somehow, "bravos" echoed despite a banal bill filled with the kind of choreography that is pushing ballet into its grave.
The University of California Irvine exhibition, titled "Ed Moses: Cross-Section" brings together Moses's paintings from 1970 onwards. It is an ambitious and meticulously curated mini-retrospective, and a homecoming of sorts for Moses, who was one of the original faculty members at the UC Irvine art department.
Every life has events of consequence. Those happenings impact and direct the future flow of consciousness. Sometimes, the ramifications remain beneath the surface. In other circumstances, the thread is easy to recognize. If you are an artist, such as Freddy Rodríguez, it manifests in your work.
Today marks the 140th birthday of the artist and luxury hotel namesake Piet Mondrian. Known for his striking geometric paintings
Thieves broke into Greece's National gallery early Monday morning and stole three works of art, including a Picasso and a
She removed the gloves, however, when it came time for the ribbon-cutting, as the royal officially opened the new Piet Mondrian
Aside from being a seminal European post-war artist and founder of the De Stijl movement, Piet Mondrian is one of those artists
The artist contains a complex system of linear structures within easily grasped forms. Once your eye is drawn in you can bounce around for a good long time trying to unravel the internal logic.