Bird experts are split on whether it's real or fake.
"She is a pretty nice roommate and doesn't get on my nerves."
Some birds, it turns out, can be taught to read. Or at least spell-check.
The Brooklyn Navy Yard is infested. 2,000 pigeons have come home to roost on a defunct aircraft carrier. This is Fly by Night, the newest project by Creative Time, a socially-engaged arts organization best known for the Tribute in Light, those ghostly beams that punch the sky over Manhattan every year in the week running up to September 11th.
It's believed that the birds are taken to Pennsylvania where it's legal to shoot them for sport.
Through food reinforcement training, the birds had a "remarkable ability" to distinguish malignant and benign tissue.
Pigeons are proving to be good for more than just picking up your lunch scraps.
Once reports came through that it was safe to cautiously walk around, I went back to the Church Avenue station. I was able to walk down the stairs into the vestibule area. The turnstiles were roped off with yellow tape: Do Not Enter. Through the bars, I saw the hardy pigeon.
Hey, little bird, you got some cream cheese and lox to go with that thing?