Scientists say an influenza strain found in the pigs needs to be watched closely.
The cruel PR grab at Meixin Red Wine Town, a theme park, drew outrage in China as well as abroad.
Found roaming the streets in the freezing cold before Christmas, Myles the pig is now headed for a life of luxury.
The pigs caused around $80,000 of damage to the small town of Orange, Vermont before most were corralled back to Sugar Mountain Farm.
What one woman described as a growling pig turned out to just be cars driving over a rumble strip on a nearby road.
The police had asked Californian Jeffrey Cody Miller to help watch over the pig while they tried to find its owner.
Police found Princess the pig and asked a neighbor to watch her while they located her owner. They returned to a gruesome scene.
The driver had a second pig in the car and said he didn't want them to get cold.
Charlotte the pig clearly has her priorities in line.