The cruel PR grab at Meixin Red Wine Town, a theme park, drew outrage in China as well as abroad.
Found roaming the streets in the freezing cold before Christmas, Myles the pig is now headed for a life of luxury.
The pigs caused around $80,000 of damage to the small town of Orange, Vermont before most were corralled back to Sugar Mountain Farm.
What one woman described as a growling pig turned out to just be cars driving over a rumble strip on a nearby road.
The police had asked Californian Jeffrey Cody Miller to help watch over the pig while they tried to find its owner.
Police found Princess the pig and asked a neighbor to watch her while they located her owner. They returned to a gruesome scene.
The driver had a second pig in the car and said he didn't want them to get cold.
Charlotte the pig clearly has her priorities in line.
“They have fought so hard to live," said the co-founder of Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary in North Carolina.