After traveling abroad, turn your new home into a first class cabin with our Pottery Barn picks.
No matter the material, says Loos, a pillow is likely to "lose its integrity" within about two years, when it's a good idea
The concern is less about the pillow breaking down and more about the host of critters and debris that can be found in the
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Copyright 2013 by Jerry Zezima "Don't worry," I said. "I won't lose any sleep over it." Stamford Advocate columnist Jerry
Though it sounds like a small change, one of the best accessories for changing up the look in a room is a decorative pillow
Cut out the pattern and the artwork. Pin the pattern to two layers of cotton canvas. Image of the ironed on owl. I found
A pillow is probably not on the list of official tips on fending off hungry predators, but it worked for Vail resident Sally
The event happened decades ago, but the memory remains terribly vivid. I awoke suddenly, alone, in my mom's dimly lit bedroom in the middle of a blustery South Florida night.
4. Organic Cotton: Cotton alone is an inferior stuffing because it mats down, but in addition conventional cotton uses 25