pillow fight

Plebes suffered injuries like a broken nose, fractured cheek and multiple concussions.
For generations, freshmen cadets at the United States Military Academy have marked the end of a grueling summer of training
No causalities were reported, unless you count the Dora The Explorer and Pikachu pillows that did not survive the battle
Take the guy in this video for instance. There he goes, just innocently strolling down the sidewalk when all of a sudden
Until then the so-called sport is in the hands of Kretzschmar and her compatriots. They see the event as a chance to raise
Over 1,000 people filled New York City's Union Square on the afternoon of Sat., April 2, to participate in International
Prague is just one of many European cities to have been pounded with snow in recent weeks, but the Czech capital was recently
Now comes the news that there was yet another massive pillow fight, this time on a Continental flight from Phoenix to Washington
Pillow warmongers all over the globe just celebrated their favorite day of the year -- International Pillow Fight Day. Below
Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day. There were celebrations on Wall Street in New York City, and also festivities