Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington were cited for recklessness after the nosedive stunt, which resulted in a crash.
The Lion Air's pilots reportedly flipped through a manual to find help instead of disengaging the system.
The pilot who calmly landed a stricken airliner this week is one of many women who have owned the skies.
Bessie Coleman was the first black woman to earn a pilot’s license.
Is American Airlines the newest grinch this holiday season?
But in late 2007, Lonnie Sue's life took a dramatic turn. As a result of a near-fatal bout of viral encephalitis that led
C Troop, known as the Condors, very likely was the only unit of its size in Vietnam with four black pilots. VETERANS DAY
Remember the VCR? The movie industry fought to the near-death to block VCRs from being sold, afraid home recording would