Pima County

Eleven places will each get at least $1 million to reduce their jail population.
But few shared that sentiment. Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry told the Arizona Daily Star that the settlement
This allegation of voter suppression comes on the heels of recent stories about misinformation being distributed to Spanish
Here's the story of how two citizen journalists uncovered a bizarre GOP fundraiser.
Schiessl described the raid on Guerena's home as "amateur, undisciplined, unrehearsed and ineffective." This was an unfortunate
Moreover, if this was all about breaking up a dangerous home invasion ring, where are the suspects, and where is the evidence
The young husband and father, Jose Guerena, an Iraq veteran, was lying in his own blood, shot at 71 times by heavily armed men. There are lots of questions. The Pima County, Arizona, Sheriff's Department is giving few answers.
Ron Paul, apparently, is not a superstitious kind of guy. Tempting fate, as it were, he announced today that he's running for president once again -- on Friday the thirteenth.
It seems the Grand Canyon State has lately become as famous for its extremist politics as for its famous national park. Some Arizona residents say they've had enough, they're ready to leave Arizona. But they're not talking about moving to another state. They want to start a state of their own.
And while money may be tight, the avenues for getting patients into care -- at least in Arizona -- are surprisingly open
When I was forced to leave my post after a lengthy illness in 1984, John Roll sent me a handwritten note of good wishes. It was just like him to take the time to do that.