Pink Floyd

Hans Zimmer supervised the choir via FaceTime as they sang "Eclipse" -- likely chosen because of the band's earlier connection to a "Dune" project.
The star's performance was a poignant tribute to the toll and the isolation of these lockdown times.
His iconic "Black Strat" went for more than 26 times its asking price.
Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets is taking its early Floyd show on the road.
Concert - Starman: A Celebration of David Bowie Just six days after his death, more than 20 bands and 100 performers came
Does it make sense to boycott musicians? There are, after all, many forms of boycotts. When I was young I really enjoyed
This is a seasoned, confident band at the top of its game with quite a bit to say.
MCA: Our Earth. It is so beautiful and we are ruining it. We have to appreciate its beauty and use our voices to help it
Although piano was his 1st instrument at the age of 7, Kevin Lucas became a nationally renowned percussionist and marimba virtuoso as a young man. The spine of this story however, is that Kevin Lucas, a marimba and World Drum Specialist, was Born to Drum.