Some see the U.S. group's move as problematic, given accusations of Israel using its LGBTQ rights record to "pinkwash" its treatment of Palestinians.
The firm behind the statue is paying millions to settle claims that it underpaid female executives.
It is important for us as women and queers who suffer personally from systems of oppression, to also fight against systems of oppression that we benefit from.
The pinklying crowd, as evident in their assault at Creating Change, conflates queer Jews with Israelis and the Israeli government. A Wider Bridge and its members and guests were all mindlessly held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government. None of the protestors, nor the Task Force, ever bothered to ask the organization for its positions on the issues of concern.
Dawn breaks over Tel Aviv as I gaze across the skyline from the balcony of an apartment on Avenue Rothschild. The clouds
"It missed the mark for some and we apologize," the company now says.
You would think that the nation's largest cancer charity would be taking a strong stand on toxic chemicals linked to cancer, but unfortunately the opposite is true.
I envision a world in which we live without fear of losing our breasts or our lives as a result of what we've eaten, touched or breathed because the environmental causes of breast cancer have been identified and eliminated.
"Breast cancer is not pink, it is not all about boobs and bras; breast cancer is terrifying and dangerous."
"This takes the conversation outside the realm of basic breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is a fact of the human experience
Share the Journey is not just another pink curling iron. It's proof that for-profit ventures can add insight, expertise, and vital resources to our mission of achieving a future without breast cancer.
I am dying, literally, at my home in Hollywood, of metastatic breast cancer, the only kind of breast cancer that kills. For
In just over two minutes, comedian Kenzie Seibert explains that any company can slap a pink ribbon on a product and sell
While KFC and Komen earn millions selling pink buckets of fried chicken and Boar's Head pink-wraps its meats, women could do more to combat breast cancer by convincing their friends and family members to say no to pink-beribboned animal products and yes to the produce aisle.
So far, based on the disclosure on its website, the bottom line appears to be that the NFL has raised about $7 million over 5 years in its breast cancer initiative. Given the billions in revenues the league and its teams have made in that same period of time, this amount seems paltry.
How you can help: Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the widget below. 91 percent of your donation will
The NFL's latest challenge with transparency is nothing new, particularly when it comes to women and women's causes. I have fought for full disclosure from the NFL and its charitable activities for several years, most specifically from its Crucial Catch program they claim supports breast cancer organizations.