The new program may draw fire from environmentalists, but decarbonization experts say the infrastructure is needed to hit climate goals.
The 2015 spill was the worst in the state since 1969, and spewed more than 140,000 gallons of crude that fouled beaches, and killed seabirds, seals and fish.
The Inflation Reduction Act could spur a boom in carbon-capture technology, and all that CO2 will need somewhere to go.
Busted pipeline poured more than 50,000 gallons of crude into Montana's Yellowstone River.
Investigators believe a 1,200-foot ship dragging anchor in rough seas pulled the pipeline across the seafloor, months before the leak spread to the Southern California coast.
Beaches in Huntington Beach will reopen after water quality tests revealed no detectable levels of oil-associated toxins in the ocean water.
The pipeline’s owner alerted authorities about the oil spill off Huntington Beach Saturday. The first reports of a sheen and foul smell were called in Friday.
A CO2 pipeline in Mississippi ruptured last year, sickening dozens of people. What does it forecast for the massive proposed buildout of pipelines across the U.S.?
More than 1,000 gas stations in the Southeast are running out of fuel as the pipeline shutdown drags on.
The worst cyberattack to date on critical U.S. infrastructure has shuttered 45% of the East Coast’s fuel supply.