pirates of the carribean

Jerry Bruckheimer joins HuffPost Live to reveal the plot for "Top Gun 2."
I truly believe that most people who should write... and who don't write... don't because they're afraid to find out that they're lousy at it. Not wanting to confront that unpleasant truth in myself, I invented powerful excuses not to write.
These days, Depp says he would be happy to play Captain Jack again, and that there have already been discussions about a
Johnny Depp stars in the fourth installment of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series, this one 'Pirates of the Caribbean
The audience for this huge weekend for Twilight was 80% female. So, if you looked anything like Robert Pattinson and were willing to tag along at the movies, there's a healthy chance you got laid over the last 72 hours.
New Moon just grossed $26 million in just midnight and 3am showings, and it clocked $72 million in just the first 24 hours. Why do I feel like Tommy Lee Jones at the end of No Country For Old Men?
Two thousand six hundred dollars for a seat in Yankee Stadium? For that money, do i get a lap dance during the seventh inning stretch?