An online petition has popped up to “save this landmark from destruction,” noting, “if anything, do it for the memes.”
For advocates of “evidence-based” or “informed” policy, PISA incarnates the dispassionate, objective facts that nourish the
Credit: Engineering Course, Southeast Community College Meanwhile, American workers, and the governments they elected, remained
Schools must begin by deciding, with their communities, what they value most. From there, they can decide how best to use
We're still in Black History month and my chosen cities in Europe continue. Why because as mentioned in a previous piece during this Black History month, wherever I go, it's Black "herstory" because I'm a sister!
Is the dramatic increase in teen smartphone and entertainment tech use contributing to their academic struggles? It's not the only factor, but it's a critical one.
A girl hides, quietly hoping the leaning tower doesn't find her. (Or perhaps I misinterpreted this scene. Can you give it
In March, I continued my conversations with thought leaders around the world. The ABC of Gender Equality in Education: Aptitude
While many countries can claim victory in having closed gender gaps in the knowledge and skills of boys and girls, we may have lost sight of important social and emotional dimensions of learning that may be far more predictive for the future life choices of children.