Urgency and caution The PISA controversy is a helpful reminder that citizens in democracies must be critical of the facts
Credit: Engineering Course, Southeast Community College Changing course requires a massive investment of trillions of dollars
While we should continue to talk about student achievement as measured by standardized tests, we need to document and discuss
We're still in Black History month and my chosen cities in Europe continue. Why because as mentioned in a previous piece during this Black History month, wherever I go, it's Black "herstory" because I'm a sister!
Is the dramatic increase in teen smartphone and entertainment tech use contributing to their academic struggles? It's not the only factor, but it's a critical one.
A girl hides, quietly hoping the leaning tower doesn't find her. (Or perhaps I misinterpreted this scene. Can you give it
Finally, I invited Sir Ken Robinson and other thought leaders involved in The Creative Oklahoma World Forum (@OK_Creativity
While many countries can claim victory in having closed gender gaps in the knowledge and skills of boys and girls, we may have lost sight of important social and emotional dimensions of learning that may be far more predictive for the future life choices of children.
We allowed 17 days. As a friend remarked before we departed for this Euro-adventure in a rental car, our plan could have inspired the script for a Chevy Chase movie.
Do you ever wonder whether, at times, the fact-and-measurement industry in this country might be going a tad overboard? After all, we are still limited by 24-hour days, and what we do with those precious moments is important.
"The boys' problems are overlooked," said Geary. "It's an important problem and a worldwide problem, and potentially has
The U.S. educational culture is more focused on doing well in sports or being popular. In many cases, these priorities lead kids to being rebellious or defiant, and sometimes not doing well in school, just so they're not perceived as a nerd.
To begin righting the U.S. education system, our nation needs to reclaim the belief that the teaching profession is a highly regarded, extraordinarily valuable position in society.
As the mid-term elections approach, its important to highlight that the inaction of Congress to address public education has put renewed pressures on state and local governments to act.
The claims put forward by advocates of Common Core and its attendant standardized testing regime are just not true, at least according to the latest research on how the human brain operates and how people learn.
Not sure how to start the kids and money conversation? Here are tips on talking to kids of all ages.
It appears that American teachers -- well, middle school teachers, anyway -- work longer hours than their counterparts in other countries. And yet our students still don't perform all that well in comparison to those other countries. What's going on?
We have this test, and it proves that our colleges and universities are terrible. I wonder if the solution will turn out to involve government regulation and private corporate take-overs. I would try to figure it all out, but gosh, I graduated from an American college in 1979, so I am probably too dumb.
America's public school teachers love their jobs, despite feeling underappreciated by society and facing enormous challenges in the workplace, according to a new international survey of educators.