Vincenzo's Tip: If you try to fry more than two at a time, the oil will start to cool down and you won't get a good result
Every night before I go to sleep, I reach over to my night table and grab a handful of pistachio nuts, which I shell quickly and chew soulfully before swallowing a big glass of water and falling off to sleep. Why this routine?
Every New Year's Eve we prepare the cake ("Vassilopita"), decorate it with the number of the New Year and we hide a coin (gold, silver or brass) inside, which is believed to bring good luck to whoever wins.
Get out of your usual peanut or cashew 'nut rut' and break out the pistachios this season.
Imae credit: Ulf Svane Recipe courtesy of Sweet Paul Magazine. Crispy yet moist pistachio banana waffles make a beautiful
Imae credit: Ulf Svane Recipe courtesy of Sweet Paul Magazine. Healthy and delicious date balls with an aromatic taste of
Nuts are one of the most amazing foods on the planet. They are loaded with fiber, nutrients and heart healthy fats. They're void of sugar and contain minimal carbohydrates, and best of all, they taste heavenly.
Easier, tastier and less messy methods that will change how you consume everything from sushi to apples. By Lynn Andriani
Brown rice flour is your friend in these light and fluffy muffins.
When I heard rumors about Jay-Z and Beyonce heading to Cuba, I was feeling pretty confident about my trendy choice to go that way. But then I bagged Cuba, and booked a flight to Vienna, Austria, home of the Lipizzaner stallions and Wienerschnitzel.
When Passover begins again next week, I will stage my millionth attempt to rescue some meaningful spark from its story -- this time, by exploring charoset as a glorious dish at once ancient and futuristic, traditional and infinitely adaptable.
Why are pistachios the semi-forgotten nut? Ask any random group of Americans to list five types of nut. Pistachios probably won't make the list. Peanuts will, and peanuts aren't even nuts. They're beans. Almonds would probably top that list. Almonds get all the attention.
Learn how to make this gorgeous cake from blogger Hungry Rabbit.
The rest of your desserts will be (less) green with envy.
While you may have been told to avoid nuts and seeds due to their high fat and caloric content, these tasty gems contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats, and are truly terrific to include in your diet.
It seems that the people behind pistachios may be on to this. They have launched an ad campaign playfully encouraging people