pit bull adoption

A new study suggests we're condemning shelter dogs just by labeling them.
I remember the day I was approved to foster him. He was in Columbus, I was in Cleveland, and at that point he should have already been euthanized. A quick walk down an empty hallway could have been his fate, but thankfully the shelter held out one more day.
What you don't realize when you adopt your first pit bull are all of the things that come as part of that package deal. Sure, you've got your normal puppy things, i.e. house breaking, training, the occasional potty accident to clean, etc. You also get a fair amount of ignorance, and hate.
The greatest lessons I have learned about life, I have been taught by fosters. Each and every dog that has shared my home has shared a message with me. So climb aboard the crazy ride we call pit bull rescue. The life you save first will be your own.
Taylor's shelter has a "live release rate" of just 64 percent now, he says; he'd like to get it up to 90 percent, meaning
"I knew you'd come around and love me too brother" LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! (yes he is thinking DON'T MOVE BABY lol) #SweetPandRoo
"The popular opinion in rescue is that responsible breeders of American Pit Bull Terriers acknowledge the overpopulation
"I can't believe an 8-year-old pit bull from Fulton County Animal Services found a home like this. But she did," says Conway
Diamond, now Daisy, luxuriates on one of her many comfy beds at her new home. Photo credit: Brenda Johnson She's also found
This sweet dog has a sad backstory: She was given up to the Washington Humane Society in the nation's capital about a year