pit bull ban

Flush with the success of his pit bull ban, Mayor Denis Coderre of Montreal has vowed to pursue further worthless legislation in an effort to ensure that his city becomes scorned worldwide, and ideally an international pariah.
A dog registered as a boxer has killed a woman in Montreal, so the mayor is calling for a ban on pit bulls. This would be amusing, if it weren't so predictable and depressing.
You are hurting the very cause you're trying to help each and every time you click and comment. You are feeding the anti-pit bull machine.
You can see why Sadler was so taken, and why Auerbach immediately said yes, in this video of the dogs romping around together
There's reason for optimism. Pit bulls have become more visible as therapy dogs, police dogs and even plain old goofy pets
Lemoine explained that the board would probably work out some kind of ordinance "to keep the dogs off the street." He went
"These bans are inhumane, ineffective and based on myth and misinformation," Smith said. "Aurora’s breed ban is one of very
Tuesday, voters in Aurora, Colorado will have the opportunity to repeal the city's 9-year-old breed ban. The city has discussed the potential repeal multiple times since the law's inception and finally decided to take the repeal idea to the voters.
Breed-specific legislation, or the laws in hundreds of U.S. cities targeting dogs that appear to be "dangerous breeds," doesn't
But Prince George's County's ban has been tough to dislodge -- as the Washington Post put it in 2009, opponents "might have
Check out photos of Jamie Buehrle and Slater (story continues below): Lifting the ban would "put the responsibility back
Leaders throughout Maryland are grasping the ineffectiveness of the Court's ruling on pit bulls. It's tremendously difficult to determine if a dog is a pit bull or cross bred, and discrimination against dogs based on appearance is wrong.
Even the federal Centers For Disease Control is against a general reactionary ban on any specific breed. But the move incensed
From Mother Nature Network's John Platt: Retired and disabled police officer Jim Sak knows that the law often looks at issues
Could a Pit Bull ban be on Sonoma's horizon? Sonoma Mayor Pro Tem Joanne Sanders spoke out at Monday night's council meeting
The Dallas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals accepts pit bulls at its shelters. As SPCA of Texas president
A City Council member is working on an ordinance change that would allow pit bulls in Denver. But repealing the city's 20