pit bull week

All dogs have the potential to be great. It just takes a responsible owner and a loving home to transform that underdog into a wonder dog. In fact, Venus is well on her way to being a positive force in her community.
When I lived in New York, the only dogs that I knew to be pit bulls lived in the city and in neighborhoods where people were copping blow and pot. Guys usually had these dogs in thick metal collars with thick metal chains and the dogs seemed mean and unsocialized.
All kinds of women exist. If you're looking for a true soul partner, marry a woman who adopts a pIt bull. Marry a woman who adopts a pit bull and walk through the world fearlessly. Not because their is a fierce beast at the end of the leash. But because of the fierce woman at your side.
Dogs, like people are individuals and should be treated and evaluated as individuals, not by the blanket categories of breed or appearance. Too many dogs have senselessly lost their lives simply for being born with a big head and a muscular looking body, but the tide has turned.
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"All dogs are individuals. We need to look at each dog as an individual."
These historical dogs were valued members of the military units they served.
What you may not know about owning a pit bull is just how much you'll grow to love these blocky-headed dogs. Owning a pit bull may be habit-forming. You just might own two, or maybe three, or if you're really lucky, you just might own four. Good things come in multiples sometimes.
It wasn't until we went through the loss of our pregnancy that Max showed his true colors. We were a mess. Weeks went by as we mourned the loss of what could have been. Max sensed it. He sat in between us as we cried, licked our tears away, took us on walks and helped us heal in ways we could have never imagined.
I never intended to be a voice for pit bull-type dogs. Never in a million years. My life has quite literally gone to the dogs over the years. And while I never intended to be any type of voice for pit bull-type dogs, this is why I care so much and will never stop being a voice for them, either.
Aggressive, mean and the opposite of cuddly. These are apt descriptors for pit bulls, the dogs who are generalized for bad
I was one of those people -- the ones who believed the media hype about pit bulls even though I had never known anyone with a pit bull, let alone anyone who had been hurt by one. Fast forward a few years and now we have two pit bulls. But, just because we adopted pit bulls doesn't mean you should.
If you have a pet who finds herself on what is commonly referred to as a "restricted" breed list, I am certain you have experienced discrimination against your four-legged family member. Sometimes it doesn't matter how impeccable your credit is or that you are a responsible pet parent with a well-behaved furry family member.