And his happiness rubbed off. Mark possessed so much love and was eager to share it with the world. I just wanted to stay
When Hope for Paws, a rescue organization in California, received a call about a homeless pit bull, they had no idea just
It was nearly nine years ago that police raided the home of famed NFL quarterback Michael Vick with a search warrant for
Dogs and kids are both innocent, helpless, vulnerable and rely solely on us for absolutely everything. They love, trust, whine, have needs and should be treated with love and respect. Sadly, both are victimized daily by our species.
Kara Montalbano is looking for some new tenants for her quiet three-bedroom home in Providence, Rhode Island. Ideally they'll be employed and responsible. Most importantly, they must have pit bulls
I have dealt with every breed and every temperament out there and I can assure you harboring breed discrimination will get you bitten. We treat humans as individuals so shouldn't we treat animals as individuals, too?
A woman from East Rockaway is saying her insurance company is refusing to pay her fire claim because she owns a pit bull.
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter Within a few weeks of launching her Flower Power series on her website and social
These animals stole your heart in 2014.
Fancy, seen here at the CACC facility, waited over four months for freedom. (Photo: Amstaphy) "Fancy says hello to all her
A picture from PupCake The Service Dog's Instagram account Pup-cake, a pit bull, has been with Abcde Santos for years now
Timber the Pit Bull has the biggest, goofiest grin you'll ever see, but it was hard-won. "It's unbelievable that Timber is
“He yelled ‘Get the dog off or I will stab him.’ He said it several times,” Stottlar told the Newnan Times-Herald. Petsmart
Activists across the country are trying to change the conversation about an animal that’s, unfortunately, gotten a very bad wrap over the years: the pit bull.
An adorable mashup of pit pulls playing with kids.
Hodges noted the bond in her caption, writing: "These two ♥ I've never seen anything quite like it... #pitbullsofinstagram