Pitch Perfect 2

Films that try to positively impact the world and films that entertain may not be so disconnected after all. In fact, to hit it out of the park with audiences the two may be inextricably linked.
Created and hosted by ArcLight's Executive Vice President Gretchen McCourt, the Women In Entertainment Summit will feature keynotes by Academy Award winner Geena Davis, founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, and Women In Film President Cathy Schulman.
Girl movies inspire such fervent fandom because they are seamlessly woven into young female friendships with each reblog and sleepover screening. Girl movies play by a different set of rules.
"I was absolutely stunned!" she told HuffPost. "It was the most surreal moment and it took me a little while to even realize
Ooh, that’s a good question. I wish I could dictate that. I would dream up Flo being the CEO of a company and then having
Good news for Comingsoon.net's Joshua Starnes. He can recycle his critique of Pitch Perfect (2012) for its sequel: "Pitch Perfect isn't particularly bad. It isn't particularly anything. And that's what's most disappointing about it."
"The Tonight Show" just got even more eggcellent. On Tuesday, "Pitch Perfect 2" star Anna Kendrick became the first woman
Nick Jonas is so hot right now. As a soon-to-be 29 year old, trust me when I say that this was a little hard to accept. With "Jealous," Nick shed his boy band image and took on a whole new persona of maturity, soul, and some downright sexiness.
EXCLUSIVE: Watch Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and more cover Beyoncé in this brand new clip from Pitch Perfect 2! (via BuzzFeed
Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Hailee Steinfeld debuted a new clip from "Pitch Perfect 2" at the MTV Movie Awards
Who run the world? GIRLS. The Barden Bella girls, to be more specific. In the latest trailer for "Pitch Perfect 2," the Bellas
The latest trailer for "Pitch Perfect 2" debuted just before Katy Perry's halftime show during Sunday's Super Bowl. We. Are
The "Pitch Perfect 2" trailer is here! It's aca-everything. The sequel to 2012's sleeper hit stars your favorite Barden Bellas
Aubrey: -- not on my silk sheets! "Because @annakendrick47 already posted it & captured this as well.... We do our own stunts
She's been a little busy, okay? The last time Hailee Steinfeld sat down with Jimmy Fallon, she mentioned that she was nervous
Things we now know about the Pitch Perfect sequel: Skylar Astin will be involved! Read more on popwatch.ew.com
It's now less than one year until "Pitch Perfect 2" hits theaters, and Elizabeth Banks reminded us of that fact with an aca