The children's movie tells a terribly sad and wonderful tale, with lessons on loss that everyone can learn from.
The Sweetest Pixar Quotes That'll Make You Feel All The Things
2017 hit some major diversity milestones in media, politics, and entertainment. Here are a few of the biggest moments.
The movie is Shi's feature directorial debut following her Oscar-winning Pixar short, “Bao," and delightfully captures the messiness of being 13.
The "to infinity and beyond" hero also has a robot cat in the film, which is set to hit theaters June 17.
Pixar's prequel film "Lightyear" explores the origins behind the hero who inspired the "Toy Story" action figure.
If you tie your success to a single big work accomplishment, like Joe Gardner, you'll always feel unsatisfied.
Like, if Buzz doesn't think he's a toy, why does he go rigid? Pixar's chief creative officer and the producer of its latest film, "Soul," explain ... sort of.
The creators said they wanted to make sure the movie was authentic to Black culture and the jazz music scene.
Released on Disney+, "Out" is Pixar's first project to feature an LGBTQ character in a central role.