“Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating."
By Adrienne LaFrance Placentas get kind of a bum rap. This is possibly because of all the hoopla about the mothers who blend
I found this possibility intriguing both from a scientific point of view as well as a sci-fi point of view: there are plenty of books out there on zombies and aliens, but what about ancient viruses that thawed from the ice thanks to global warming?
When I was pregnant with my first child 17 years ago, I had the usual worries compounded by my knowledge as an obstetrician and high-risk pregnancy specialist. I knew first-hand the impact of prematurity and other complications. Like other moms-to-be, I hoped to deliver a healthy baby. As a research physician, I was eager for evidence-based knowledge to make this a reality.
Placentas are polarizing. On one hand, they are incredible organs that nourish your baby, and then leave your body once the job is done. The intricacy in a placenta is stunning... and they are each as unique as the babies they support.
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But those ladies that are pregnant, should totally keep the placenta; it's no longer just for stem cells anymore. You can
After spending one night falling down a serious rabbit hole of YouTube product reviews, we stumbled upon some pretty persuasive